The call of the wind

Mira stepped out into the wide balcony on the 12th floor of the high-rise she and Mayank had recently moved into. Their new home had been a joint decision.

Leaning on the railing, Mira circled the outline of the cup she held and thought wistfully. Just a few months ago they had been so happy to start a new phase together. So much had changed since then.

Mira was up for a promotion at work and she had been looking forward to the long overdue recognition after several months' of hard work. The only catch was it came with a stint abroad. Mayank had been supportive of her decision to accept the opportunity while he stayed back.

Yet, Mira couldn't fully rejoice.

Mayank had not been aware of a third party angle to the whole arrangement and Mira felt anxious and guilty as she pondered over the recent developments. It was not going to be easy but Mayank had to know. Mira had imagined the scene in her head with all the possible permutations and it made her dizzy.

The wind hit her face in rapid succession. The cool air felt like a balm. The view from the top overlooked the vast city skyline and the green and brown dots below made a picturesque sight much in contrast to the harsh realities. She closed her eyes to savour the moments.

Yes, the larger picture always puts things in perspective. The two pink lines were not about to cage her. The wind was calling out to her to spread her wings.

She'd show the world that Motherhood and career could go hand-in-hand.


Written in response to the prompt, "The call of the wind" at the BarAThon.


  1. Oh that was lovely. Third party indeed :-).

    1. I caught you there, no? Initially, I thought it was a silly idea to use that term but glad to see it has worked :)

  2. Difficult position to be in. But she made the choice that's best for her. Lovely narration, Uma. 😀

  3. This is one of your better pieces, Uma. I liked the flow, the build up, the revelation and the play on the term 'third party'. Plus I confess I was expecting a negative outcome so heaved a sigh of relief to know it was otherwise :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Shailaja. Feels great to get a feedback such as this! :)

  4. Same thoughts here! Great writing, Uma! I like how you focused on the importance of self-care and respect. While those kinds of decisions were what I already hoped, I never expected how the revelation would be. As I said, great writing!


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