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An Omen

The night was cool and damp. She walked on easily, as though her feet never touched the ground. Her eyes were on the road ahead, but she was not sure where she was heading. A growing, gnawing sense of restlessness was enveloping around her, engulfing her in their grey fumes. And, then, she saw someone ahead. She wanted to call out, but her mouth seemed to be filled with cotton balls. Her voice seemed to have deserted her. She struggled to hasten her pace, but the sudden wind seemed to push her behind. The apparition ahead stopped suddenly and turned to face her. The sight both overwhelmed and startled her.

A loud, echoing sound boomed, shaking the ground on which she stood. The next moment, she found herself on the bed, drenched in her sweat. The alarm beside her flashed mercilessly, reminding her of reality. It was all a dream. Only, it seemed very real. The emotions she had felt seemed raw and fresh. What did it all mean? Where was she going? Who was that person? Did he mean harm or was he a spiritual guru?

To an outsider, she led an enviable life: a beautiful home, well-cared for children, a successful husband, exotic holidays and the likes. She seemed happy, but then, was she indeed? Of late, she was consumed by deeper thoughts. Questions about her true calling and meaning to life itself manifested themselves in various forms. But, there was nothing about her demeanour that revealed what she felt from within. She carried out her tasks as usual, smiling at all, cracking jokes, even. Only she could sense the silence, the vacuum within her heart that spoke when the world outside fell silent.

But, now, this dream was like a wake-up call. Was it an omen?

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  1. Great write up. In my interpretation its a wake up call. If you feel empty and feel like something is missing in your life then you should definitely work towards it. Otherwise the emptiness will engulf you.

    1. I think so too, Harini. Thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  2. This was a bit spooky for me. Dreams have a way of showing us the way sometimes right? I'm writing something similar (for Gouri) and could relate to this only too well. Beautiful!

    1. Yes, Aathira, some dreams are quite prophetic. Thanks a lot! :-) And, I'm waiting to read the next parts of Gouri. Best of luck!

  3. Dreams can either be prophetic or manifestations of our deepest fears. If they are overwhelmingly close to what you are experiencing, it makes sense to deal with them at the soonest. Vivid imagery, by the way. I especially like the one about cotton balls in your mouth!

    1. Nothing that I've experienced personally, Shailaja, but I agree with you. And, thanks a lot for the appreciation <3

  4. So well written, Uma. You should write more often. Reading you is a wake up call for me, to write well like you, then again that's just the writer in me being greedy. :)

    1. Wow, Vinitha, I'm so gratified to hear such words. A lovely writer yourself, you're kind in your praise. Thanks a lot! I'll try my best to live up to your expectations.

  5. That is sure a scary dream and seems like it could be an omen. Better she heed the wake-up call! ;) <3

    1. I think that way too, Elly. Thank you so much <3 :-)

  6. That was scary and could be a wake up call for her. Dreams are what lies in our sub-conscious. May be it was that.
    Beautifully written Uma!


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