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A for Anonymously Yours #AtoZChallenge #guestpost

Come April, many bloggers worldwide participate in the AtoZChallenge. (click on the link to know more about it). Given my sporadic bursts of writing energy and motivation, I thought it prudent to give such challenges a miss. However, Blog-A-Rhythm, a blogging community started by a blogger friend and of which I'm a member, was participating in this challenge as a group which meant that we could participate in this challenge as guest bloggers choosing to write on just one or a couple of letters in the Alphabet. This was like having the cake and eating it too. So, I grabbed the a letter for myself too. Turned out that it was the first letter of the Alphabet, which meant I was to debut as the first blogger for B-A-R. Not bad, I'd say for someone who hasn't been writing very regularly, ain't it so? The bonus was that I already had a topic in mind.

So, now, without further ado, I present you my first post for the #AtoZChallenge at B-A-R (short for Blog-A-Rhythm:-)):

Also, very kicked about the lovely responses I got. Thanks a lot, readers, for making my debut special :-) Who knows, if I remain motivated, I might do a full-fledged challenge next year ;-)


  1. I absolutely loved your post! You should do a full challenge soon :)

  2. Hey Soumya, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it..hmm..hopefully the full challenge someday :-)
    And, thanks for being the first (and the only so far) person to leave a comment on this page. I received a great response on the BAR, though :-)

  3. That's a cool BAR to hangout Uma :)
    Very nice write up. Yes, anonymity does give the writer freedom in its complete form. Nobody can connect dots or read between the lines.
    But I'd be overwhelmed if anyone actually took the time to do all this to my writing ;) I have seen that very few people take the time to read your space even if you do let them know for very few people read at all! Facebook, twitter, whats app ? Yes. Reading ?Well, not all the time ..

    1. No, Aarthy, I'm talking about people on my FB timeline..there are people who read but never comment. And, the law of Murphy always applies. When you want some posts to drown in the sea of other posts, they'll surface as much as possible and be especially visible to the ones who wish never read it:-p
      Thanks, Aarthy, and would you want to join the BAR? let me know but that would require you to be on FB.

  4. I loved your post, Uma. I can associate with the half-veiled anonymity. ;)
    As will be evident from my name, which is a part of this and that. Very few people close to me know my other side.. Well I feel majority people start blogging about their lives and it rather starts as a diary so people prefer anonymity, as they don’t wish to be judged or scrutinized over their writings. (It is their personal space)
    Over the time as the blog develops credibility and the content diversifies maybe afterthoughts tingle a bit. Another aspect with being anonymous is that the audience builds over time, but then everything has its pros and cons.

    1. Hi Ira, first of all, apologies for such a late reply. Yes, you said it. You don't want people judging you for your opinions or actions.
      Thanks for being here :-)

  5. Hi Uma, read your post on B-A-R the day it was published and I loved it. :) I could totally relate to it.

    Hope to see you next year at the challenge ! :)

    1. Thanks a lot, EM. I hope I do the challenge next year :-)


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