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R-tistic expressions

R is creative in many ways. He can spend hours doodling, drawing cars, whales, planets and rockets and colouring them. The figures may not exactly resemble what he says they represent yet the detailing is unmistakable and also laudable for his age. When he was around 3-4 years of age, he hardly exhibited any interest in drawing or colouring. In fact he began to recognize solid colours only by 3 years of age by which time I started to have serious doubts of whether he was colour blind! Then and now; what a change of nature! He loves to colour now and if I were not exasperated to find tiny bits of crayons tucked into cushion crevices, strewn bits of paper cut into various shapes and duly painted and streaks of various hues on my bedspread, I'd have my camera perpetually hung around my neck to capture the creations!

The guy is also not a stickler for conventions. A whale is anything but blue in his book. No creation ever is painted in one single hue. And, that makes it quite attractive. At least to the parents' eyes :-)

Speaking of conventions, it amuses me to observe how freely he works and thinks. I guess most kids are before they get leashed into the set conventions and moulds. Sigh! But, I digress. My mother gifted him a Casio this time that also came with a very cute microphone. I caught R one day, singing (rather screaming some notes) into the microphone and playing random notes simultaneously, a la professional composer on stage. Not sure if he was emulating something he saw on the TV because he is hardly exposed to such stuff on the television.

R loves to make up his own stories and rhymes that are set to tune to the standard ones. It may seem completely nonsensical if you choose to search for logic but it is definitely inspiring to note how he puts together the day's happenings or something he fancies as lyrics into the meter and make it seem like a rhyme or for that matter a story. It's too early to say if there's a hidden talent in there but I am chuffed with the fact that he's inclined towards creating something of his own. I hope I, as a parent, am able to fan this creative streak or at the least don't do anything stupid to thwart it.

Finally, this happened yesterday and I was touched and proud at the same time. R was running low-grade fever over the weekend and he was worried that he'd miss school today as there was a class photo scheduled. I told him that if he remained fever-free for the night, I'd send him to school. His face fell and cried out, "but I don't want fever!". My heart melted, "Of course, even I don't want you to get fever but we can't help certain things although we can hope and pray" said I. After a while, as I went about my work I found him with a small paper filled with stars drawn by him and he placed it reverentially at the feet of my Pooja Ghar, joined his hands and prayed that God keep the fever away so that he could go to school. It was such a sweet moment that I hugged him tight and sent a silent prayer to the Almighty myself.

Well, he still wasn't fit to resume school today and was heartbroken to realize that he would indeed miss the class photograph session. So, I asked for a special permission and took him just for the photo-shoot. He was so happy. Small things bring much joy.


  1. Lovely. & that cute handsome R too..loads of best wishes to d champ to continue & carry all that innocence. ....

  2. So sweet...and glad he could attend the photo shoot! Hope his creativity continues to flourish (yeah...don't do anything stupid :))

    1. haha..yes, Aparna..I'd need to keep a check on myself :-p

  3. That was such a nice gesture on your part, to not make him attend the class photograph. I love the way his little mind thinks things through and that he is creative enough to express it so beautifully. I hope he feels better, Uma.

    1. I meant to 'not make him miss' the photograph! Sorry!

    2. That was the least I could do, no? Thanks, Shailaja :-)

  4. That was such a sweet post. The exact same thing happened with H a few years back and did the same thing!! Love that he's so creative. It's unfortunate that as kids grow their thinking becomes boxed up in boundaries.

    1. Really, H was also about to miss, is it? True, Tulika, I sincerely hope that isn't the case for our kids.

  5. my best wishes alwayssssssssssss....... God bless


    1. Thanks a lot, Bikram. It means a lot to get good wishes from good people :-)

  6. So Sweet....and so touching......and good of the school and apt thinking on your part to just take him for the class photo

    1. Thank you, Chitra. For once, I can pat myself for the 'rare' presence of mind :-)

  7. Quite a talent R has, you must be so proud. We should encourage kiddos to explore their talents however different they may seem, for kids have a world of their own which we can only try to understand with our set minds and closed opinions.

  8. So R does have the courage required to be creative !! My wishes that he retains it for life. Way to go R !!!


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