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A belated Mother's day update

Yes, quite a belated one at that. While everyone and their neighbour's dog put up their photos on FB with their respective mothers, dedicating lovely poetic lines; even the little and not so little ones contributing their bit and thereby making it to the FB headlines for the day, I completely missed jumping into the bandwagon as I was busy spending the day with my family who are visiting.

It's only when I logged in late into the night and got drowned neck deep with the flood of FB statuses on my timeline did I realize how ungrateful and thoughtless a child I've been. :-p

However, to make amends, I have something lovely to share with all of you- an audio-video that my friend, Charumathy, and her sister, Bhairavi released for Mother's day-as a tribute to all the mothers. The talented sister-duo who go by the name Voice Virus on Facebook, have many albums to their credit. This particular song has been composed by Charumathy herself.

The video depicts the relationship between mothers and daughters. As a part of the video shoot, Charu requested to have a small bit shot in our place and I was more than happy to oblige. Only, I was not quite prepared when the photographer-cum-cinematographer, Ruchir Saraf, suddenly decided to have me play the role of one of the mothers in the video. My sweet little on-screen daughter, to be played by Charu's niece, was equally unprepared to warm up to a stranger in a strange place. However, with some team effort we did manage to put up some genuine looking shots for the camera :-)

Do watch the video on Youtube. The song is so good that you'll automatically like and share it :-)


  1. Uma,
    That was nice :-) lovely.. Once again u rocked.

    1. Aiyyo, Rohini, there was really nothing that I did :-)

  2. I typed a long comment and it went off :(
    Anyways, the sisters have such divine mellifluous voices! It was great to listen to.
    And it was really nice to see you for the first time Uma! You look very much like how I had imagined you to be :) I somehow always thought you would look like the Ranjani Gayathri carnatic duo sisters (Have you seen them ?).. Dunno why :) Looks like I wasn't so very wrong :)

    1. BTW I am assuming you are the one who features in the Jhoola with the child ..

    2. Wah, I feel flattered to be associated with the Ranjini-Gayathri duo, even if not for being likened to their singing ;-) Thanks :-)))
      So, true about these sisters..really wish I had shown more interest in singing when I was younger.
      Yep, that's me on the jhoola!

  3. Although I didn't understand the meaning of the song as it was in Tamil, I really loved it as well as the concept of the video!

    1. It's a lullaby for the mother, Radhika. The lyrics are as beautiful as the music but of course you need not understand to enjoy it! :-)

  4. Uma cool ....totally agree with Rohini..u rocked both in ur writing as well as the video...yaay !! Happy mother's day..

    1. Hey Reshmy, thank you so fact you played a greater role than I in the video ;-) :-DDD

  5. so now we all know you better :) . reading the comment i found you the one on the jhoola :)

    I did not understand anything but the music was soothing ..

    Thank you for sharing .. you are a STAR :)

    happy mothers day


    1. :-) Haha..the real stars are the ones who did the singing!
      Music really has no language. Glad to know you enjoyed it.

  6. Awesome song it was :) I was thinking hard as how to figure out which is you but then the comments helped :)

    1. Agree, I've been hearing the song on a loop :-)

  7. Nice :) Belated Happy Mothers Day :)

    1. Belated Mother's day to you too, Jayashree! :-)


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