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Random ramblings

A shift from a set schedule to another one can be tough. It is like toppling the apple cart to fit in oranges and lemons and create the beautiful stack again. Yes, although the cart seems just enough for apples, the oranges and lemon have to somehow fit in too. And, one needs to be organized and skillful enough to have the cart look as neat as before. Well, if were a fruit seller, I'd have got a bigger cart instead of making my life difficult by trying to fit more into less. But of course these are just metaphorical and am only referring to the mortal me and the 24 hrs that are allotted to a single day and night cycle in our lives.

Struggling with re-organizing a house that has been recently pest-controlled, dealing with the time-shifts in my schedule due to R's school and a sudden bout of nasty cold and cough has left me with very less inclination to write when there is some time that is not ear-marked for other routine stuff. I just want to crash and zone out into dreamland. I am of course reading your posts sporadically and also try to leave a comment when I read a post. The urge in me to write even so much must mean that am really keen to maintain my presence here.

I want to do an update on R. He seems to be growing up so fast. He says some darn-est at times that leave us either stunned for words or giggling uncontrollably. When you are suffering from a dis-ease, all you can feel is life moving very fast around you while you are grappling to close your fist on the happenings. Bangalore too is weathering a bad phase, it seems. The rain Gods have turned up their noses at us Bangaloreans this year. The dark clouds loom and entice us with the hope of some respite in terms of weather and the much necessary underground water but then tease us into disappointment by disappearing to the bright blue sky a few moments later. In this, the city and I seem to be in some kind of symphony, both waiting to get into familiar conditions.

Posts out of randomness are becoming my thing now. But, of course, I seek to be excused. Writing, although a recent find in my list of hobbies, has grown to be a dear one. I haven't given my other skills as much time and love as I've to this one. To let this slip away into oblivion seems like letting a plant die after tending to it with much care and obsession. But, I attract  the infamous writer's block too very often even as I post regularly, so the upset routine has only thickened the block. So, if there is only randomness and nonsense for sometime here, do bear with me. I shall be back. In better shape and form.


  1. Ahh, i can understand what weather does to you... and with some dis-ease thrown in, the mood is definitely out for a toss. Hope you'll be back with nice happy happy posts. yes, yes, going, I know blogathon! :|

    1. Hey Purnima, thanks for the good wishes. I'll be back, yes..:-)
      yes, you better hide until you fulfill your promise :-/

  2. Oh don't allow the pall of gloom to descend .. It will pass ..
    I think regularity of posting is as important an aspect, as writing well is .. And you do both so well :)
    And I've come to feel that when you read someone's blog regularly and they suddenly don't turn up for quite a while, you begin to wonder why ..
    So your random ramblings are most welcome ..
    Am sure you will be back to form once your health is all right.. Get well soon !!
    Cheers :)

    1. Thanks a ton Aarthy!
      Your comment makes me do a little dance. You are being sweet to say such nice things, really! Thanks again for the good wishes. I shall be back :-)

  3. You dont need to be excused because I am loving your randomness. I still believe your blog is adorable - the prize that I gave you.

    Would like to leave you with one line -

    This too shall pass.....

    Take care....sending warm hugs to you. Get well soon.

    1. awww..Me..thank you for saying that. Hugs to you too. Thanks a bunch for lifting my spirits :-)

  4. oh Uma, was wondering how things are at your end! I totally get you on the weather bit.....and it's even more of a downer when you are unwell! But am sure you will weather this phase, give it time ...Once R settles down you will be more at peace and feel more in control too. And I speak for myself, random or not, love to read your posts:)

    1. yes, Vibha, am feeling better today. R seems to be settling down. Once we arrange for a transport I'll have more time for myself.
      And thanks for much for such a sweet comment. Nothing like it, when people motivate you with cheery comments, so thanks a ton!

  5. Blog is all about speaking your heart, which I think works randomly. Everytime I drop in here, it feels as if I am talking to you through your posts. I felt the same this time too. :D

    Everything will be fine! Get well soon. :)

    1. Thanks, Rachit for the good wishes and comment :-)
      and, what's with the name change???

    2. Perhaps that's just to attract you to Sentimientos! ;)

    3. aha! :-)
      sorry for not being a regular..will catch up soon!

  6. Hey,
    So what's a writer without writer's block???!
    Random is good...don't write even random stuff quite well.....
    And I notice you have almost 50 followers - now that's a big responsibility - not to put pressure or anything but do get over your writer's block soon :)
    (Ok just kidding!)

    1. hehe..I know, it's a huge you are making me nervous ;-)
      Thanks a lot, Aparna! 50 is just a number. I'll lying if I say it does not matter but I'll always remain indebted to my earliest readers like you who did not fail to motivate me with every single post I wrote.
      You guys will always be in my heart.

    2. sweet! :)
      I guess, you write on a range of topics, that's why I personally stay engaged. If it was a pure mommy blog, donno how it would be...there are so many of them...(including mine!).
      I guess the difference is many of us started off as mommy blog but now write on other stuff as well. My husband has been telling me to lay off too many personal details abt the kids on the blog - so I now am rethinking what I shd/shd not write.

  7. See See..thats why I dont like the rains or even the clouds that threaten to rain ;)...they get Uma writer's block (What? I would blame anything on the rains :):))

    come back at your time...hope the cold is better and we love the random stuff you write... :) Come back a bit faster eh?

    1. LOL RM! but you hate it when it rains and here am praying for the rains :-)
      Lekin, yes, Rains are the culprit as you say ;-)
      thank you re for saying such sweet things..I'll be back for sure :-)

  8. Damn it is not raining here. And, I was down with a terrible throat infection and fever too last week due to the changing weather. Take your time and all of us spew out random stuff from time to time :).

    1. oh..this weather is causing much trouble. Hope you are better now.
      Thanks, Rachna! am already feeling better :-)

  9. There is a proverb in Tamil of one wanting to take sea bath after the waves subsided..I don't subscribe to writer's block- it is an euphemism for just deferring.Have a target of so many posts in a month and try to achieve it.R will always be play some and would need your company,the chores would be there and not to forget the hubby.We the readers are selfish and want you to write with regularity.Randomness isn't liked much.Lol

    1. are a hard taskmaster, sir ;-) You are right. Work will always be there. One needs to work with single-mindedness. I shall surely try :-)

    2. Wow.You have taken in the right spirit.Thanks.
      With sieve-like memory and a bankrupt mind,in my advanced years I still churn out about 8 to 10 stories a month.Young as you are,you will have so much to share with readers in the blog-poems,stories,experiences and social issues that irk you.With your fluent style you can do easily

    3. you're giving yourself far less credit than you deserve and me far more credit than I deserve. Your ability to produce master-piece stories at this age is amazing and you are a true inspiration to youngsters like us.
      Thanks for motivating me with your comments :-)

  10. Hey Uma, this time I blame blogger for getting here so late :(. Don't know why it's been giving me errors most times I try to load any blogspot pages, including my own sometimes!!
    Have I mentioned how much I love these appropriate pics you always post with nearly every post ? :) Not that your posts need any added attraction, but the pics are a great eye-catcher.
    Sad to hear about your cold, yes the weather has been irritating but atleast a few showers in the last couple of days so it's cooler now. Hope R has settled well in the school now.

    1. oh! blogger acts difficult at times :(
      thanks so much, Aparna. You give me too much takes care of all the images :-)
      yeah, the rains have brought in the good weather back, although it isn't sufficient to alleviate the water sorrow!
      R seems to have almost settled, though don't want to rejoice prematurely :-) and am also feeling much better now.

  11. Hi Uma,
    You are equally good at writing random posts!! I have never written one.. maybe i'll try sometime... don't know what will come of my randomness!!

    1. Hey Radhika, sorry missed replying to your comment.
      And you are being sweet as usual in saying this. Actually, randomness comes to the rescue when nothing else seems to catch your fancy and you are itching to type out a post ;-)

  12. I think the Rain Gods are punishing us Bangaloreans for cutting away all those beautiful trees without as much as a second thought :-(

  13. Hey Uma, I hope you're doing better now.

    1. Hey Divya, am doing fine now..thanks a bunch :-)))

  14. My dear Uma when u start writing random posts U know U have ARRIVED!!!!!

    Ask this expert;-D!!!!

    Like, LIKE this post very much!!!!

    1. Now, such a compliment from an expert blogger is bound to keep me giving myself high fives today :-))))
      thank U!!!!

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