R-The enchanter

R is honing his skills of being an enchanter. Whenever I scold him for making mischief, he gives me a impish smile, hugs me and showers me with kisses! Now, how can you push him away when he is at his charming best.

He has begun to speak well in two/three word phrases . He knows when to use what word. "Peesh taa", "mum taa", "phone taa, peeesh taa" in a sweet and convincing tone will make anyone give him all that he asks for.

Some catchwords are always bi-lingual, like: "Niya-moon", "menkam-cowsh", "dain dain-mai". Do you understand these? (Nila-moon, megham-clouds, rain,rain-mazhai)

Below is a funny conversation between pati and R:
Pati:  say Parvati
R:  patutaati
Pati:  say nail cutter
R:  naikku katter
Pati: say Hanumaan
R: Hamumaan
Pati: say Chai patti
R: chaiba patti

He calls out sweetly to the concerned person and says, "va va, come come, oka".
He has become very close to my mother, to the extent that if he needs something, he goes directly to her.  If she's not seen around for a while, he calls out to her. Hmpf! What am I going to do when they leave?

His energy levels are peaking by the day. He is getting quite boisterous and adventurous in his ways. The fear of falling down and getting hurt does not really bother him. It seems as though that part is never his concern.

Caught speaking over the phone: "umm..umm..ok. right, papom, ok bye"
Note: the brat holds the phone in one hand and walks around the house talking to some imaginary person.



  1. Oh my GOSH! I feel like you are writing my daughter's updates Uma!!
    Except that she is learning more Kannada.
    She is not catching up with Tamil that well for now. (my husband is a Tamilian )

    My daughter has difficulty pronouncing 'la', 'ra' 'sa'

    Are you seeing such things with R as well?

  2. Awww.....soooo cute!!! I like "peesh" and "dain-mai"!!! So adorable!! Hope u'r taking lots of pics/videos/voice recordings. And he says "papom" on the phone?? LOL!

  3. Sahana: really? cool :-)
    yeah, R says da for la, sh for sa, also substitutes some other syllable for ra.
    Do you speak in both languages to her? kids exposed to multiple languages may be slow in speaking but they understand a lot more and a lot better. As she grows older, she'll be fluent in all the languages she has been exposed to it.

  4. Aparna: hehe..thanks..:-)
    yeah, I do try to cover most new things on the camera. But you know what, the best moments never get captured..

  5. So so cute Uma.. the bilingual is so great at this age - do hold on to it even after he starts going to school.. probably if you're aware early enough you won't have a child who is so good at starting a conversation, he's made the carpenters and painters start talking in English rather than him trying to speak to them in Tamizh LOL! Hilarious to watch but I wish it was the other way around!

    R looks like he's really going to miss his Patti and vice-versa I'm sure.

  6. The stage ur lil one is in a beautiful time....enjoyyyyy:-))!!!

    p.s: its another thing tht within 3-4yrs we'll be regretting why we taught them to speak so early;-/

  7. Aparna: Thanks Aparna!
    LOL on making the carpenters and painters talking in English..that's cool. oh yes, we are gonna miss the GPs sorely :-(

    Nancy: Thank you Nancy!
    hahahaha..yes u bet!

  8. Loved every bit of R-speak! specially cowsh and hamumam:)the bond the kutties share with the grands is something!

  9. Vidya: Thanks Vidya! :-)
    The kutty and the kotaan are missing the GP sorely :-(

  10. R is chooo chweeeet. Hugs and kisses to him :).

  11. Thanks Tan..:-D will pass on ur hugs and kisses to R..

  12. Hi Uma, I jsut put up a very similar post on Chutku. How the kids have the same langauge and know how to charm us! :-D

  13. RS: Kids these days are very smart! *off to read your post*


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