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Adios Bali

Our conversations after the morning excursion revolved only around whales and dolphins, much to R's delight. He was certainly seeing a role reversal and was happy to see the adults share the enthusiasm and regard he always had for them:-p

Our next stop was for breakfast that also doubled up as a vantage point to view the twin lakes, Tamblingan and Buyan. We ordered a sumptuous breakfast, almost a brunch, and savoured it while admiring the panoramic view of the beautiful clear lakes.

We headed next to Ulun Danu, a temple by the lake Bratan. Of all the temples we visited in Bali, I found this to be the most beautiful. By the time we reached Taman Ayun, our last point for the day, it was well past noon. The sun was bright and fierce outside. Inside the cool interiors, the kids had dozed off. It had already been a long day. For them as well as for us. M and N decided to give the last bit a miss. Resisting the temptation to follow the majority and stay in the cool confines, C and I de…

A fitting finale

"We need to start tomorrow by 3:30 a.m. for Lovina Beach," said D, our guide, signing off for day 2 in Bali.

Our minds whirred. "Oh my! How are we to manage that with little kids? Will it be worth it? Do Dolphins really come out in the open?" 

Though excited, we were also fraught with unsureness. However, we quelled these before laziness and skepticism cast their spell. Between us, M and I dutifully set up individual alarms and agreed to be the supplementary human alarm for the one that may have overslept. 

I willed myself to shut off the mind that kept me awake with thoughts of waking up in time! At some point of being in a semi-wakeful state, I slipped into a world of nothingness. The alarm shrilled and I jumped up all dreary eyed. Clarity dawned in a few seconds and I busied myself to get ready. As C got ready, I slipped out into the dark and walked noiselessly towards M's suite to see if they were up. Comforted by the fact that they were in the similar stages …

Temples, a volcano, and some coffee

We woke up to a bright sunny day. Contrary to weather reports for this time of the year in Bali, we hardly experienced any rains. Not that I was complaining. I'd had enough of the gloomy Bangalore weather and continuous downpour that had ceased just a month before our travel; a ripple effect of the cyclonic rains at Chennai. I stuffed myself with the scrumptious breakfast at our hotel; croissants that crumbled into a buttery smoothness as I bit into them, crispy, sweet pancakes, and a bowl of colourful fresh fruits, umm, heavenly!

We clambered onto the seven-seater vehicle to visit the first temple on our list.The seating arrangements in the Innova were always interesting. The three kids got along like fire but it was exactly that. Fire, that would sometimes be a warm, happy glow binding them in amicable harmony and at other times, a fierce, raging tornado threatening to bring down the roof of the car. So, depending upon the mood and the sentiment, the adults took turns in mainta…

Of Beaches, water and underwater

I had read up on a few travel blogs on Bali and scanned the accommodation options on TripAdvisor for starters on what I should expect and plan. Since we had only three days, I knew I had to plan carefully. I dislike having every waking hour of activity yet at the same time look to optimize the time spent at a place. I narrowed down on Ubud as our base in Bali. Somehow, it seemed just right for our taste. Beyond this, I got stuck. Tour planner or self-planned; B&Bs or hotels? I found the right person who had been to Bali a couple of years ago and was happy to share the details I needed. Getting a first-hand opinion on what places to avoid and which ones to include helped clear the fog in my head.

I'm always a wee bit anxious while finalizing the accommodation on the basis of online reviews. There's always a tiny voice of apprehension at the back of my mind until I reach the place and testify myself. Though, I must say that the likes of TripAdvisors have rarely let me down.…