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Psst..You know what??

Gossiping shares an infamous history with women. No one talks about men gossiping or even enjoying bitching about someone behind their backs. I am sure there are men who do so, although the tag is bestowed on the women folk. Since, I hang around more with women, I can sadly vouch for the enthusiasm some (note, not all) women have when it comes to passing disapproving comments on someone behind their backs.

It could be as innocuous as passing comments on someone's sense of dressing to something quite personal as parenting abilities or even marital problems. It is also an eye-opening experience to see how some people notice minor details enough to make judgmental comments later on. One would imagine that the people who find fault with others are themselves just and fair in their behaviour. But, of course, that is not the case. They go by the unsaid rule : If I do it, I have my valid reasons but if Ms.X did it, she definitely deserves to be labeled and bad-mouthed about.

Funnily …

My money, my right. I shall fight for it

ETA: This post won the second prize at the Women's Web contest. Thank you, Women's Web!

This happened when I was working as a freelance German translator. I was newly married then, had moved cities, and was just settling down in my new life. I wanted to give some time for this new phase in my life before taking up a full-time job. Since I also didn't want my skills to rust in the meantime, I registered with a translation jobs portal, so that I could take up work assignments that suited my new schedule. Soon, I got a call from a translation Agency that was based out of Bangalore. I spoke with the HR, did a sample assignment for them to judge my competency, discussed the rates and terms of payment and we were all OK with the preliminaries. The rate offered was on an average scale and the T&C mentioned a 45 day payment lag after the submission of the assignment. Which meant, I'd be paid 45 days hence for a project submitted today. Although, it struck as being on a wid…

Draupadi's predicament

Draupadi sat in a corner brooding. It was exactly a month after the bloody war of Kurushektra and although she was in the victorious camp, the pandavas and their share of loses too. She ran her fingers through her hair, reminiscing about the spate of events. That was it. Her hair! They had turned into a mass of dry and rough stack of hay.

She had bravely taken the vow on that fateful day when she was dragged by her lustrous hair into the packed court of king Drishrashtra to avenge the disgrace that her hair suffered with the blood of Dushasana. Until then she vowed never to tie them. Years of neglect, dust and environmental harshness had reduced the once luxurious, shining and silky mane to a pitiable condition. She decides to discuss this issue with her husbands. After all, they were all mighty warriors and repectable kings in their own right. Will they not be able to find a solution to a problem so mere for their reputation?

The next day, she goes into Yudhistra's…

Utilizing space, and how!

Space matters. And no one understands this better than someone who has lived a considerable amount of time in a space-crunched city like Mumbai. Jostling for space is not a new concept for Mumbaikers. From trying to secure a standing position in a packed local to utilizing the tiniest corner of a one BHK flat, every inch matters. Only a person who has lived in this interesting city understands the importance of a sq.ft in the real sense. If  you've ever been to a typical apartment flat in Mumbai suburbs, you'd exactly know what I'm talking about.

No corner, niche, or extra (if any) space ever goes wasted in the quintessential home of a Mumbaiker. One can marvel at how people fit in an entire household replete with all the modern, essential and luxurious fittings in a 600 sq.ft flat that will have a complete functioning kitchen, a living room cum dining cum entertainment area, a bedroom cum study. Mostly every space doubles up as something else and every corner gets utiliz…

The yearning

I am parched,
   my throat hurts dry

I long for thee,
but you evade my eye

One moment you seem to arrive
     but in the other you look to flee   as if to mock at me in glee!     Misdeeds of man       I've borne, time again
    should ye too,
      desert me in pain?

Tears in eyes,
    prayers in plead
come O' dear,
    it's time indeed!

p.s. a humble prayer to the rain Gods. Have mercy and pour down!

Keeping quiet is an art..

..that is perhaps never taught to us. Yes, we are shut up many times and we do that to our kids too when the we do not wish to hear what is being said at that time. But, knowing when to keep quiet and being comfortable in quietude does not come easily to all. Vacations in the lap of nature is turned into a check-list of sorts to be ticked off in a hurry just so to revel in the knowing of having seen the must-sees. Who has ever heard of someone who takes a vacation to just be with oneself, aside from the Vipassana camps?

How many of us appreciate or understand the beauty of silence? Even when someone is talking to us, we are not listening silently. We are busy thinking of our response or delving into our knowledge repository for a more intelligent piece of information to share. And, talking over the phone, needs a separate set of etiquette. I, for myself, am guilty of quipping something before the other has had a chance to complete. Imagine, someone is about to end his part as a questi…

Revelling in the honour

bestowed by a kind blogger Jaspreet of I was pleasantly surprised to find my name among the nominees for the following lovely and inspiring blogs award. In fact, I actually clicked on the blog address to see if it was actually mine :-)

Thanks a ton, Jas for considering me worthy of these. I am truly humbled and honoured.

So, as per the rules, I have to state 7 random facts about myself. I have done the random facts earlier too but here are some new ones.

I panic very easily though I put on a brave face.Filling up official forms and signing at multiple places gives me jitters. I am always apprehensive of making a mistake.I like buying new clothes and love handbags of different varieties. (who doesn't???)I have a fetish for collecting good quality polythene bags- the fancy ones you get at the big stores.I like to browse through beauty products in a store even though I may not buy them.And, I hate those help who remain close on your heels and breath…

On Guru Pournima..

..I wish to make a confession.

A teacher shows the path of right to the students. She is like the ray of light at the end of a dark tunnel of ignorance. A good teacher not only inculcates the lessons but also guides the student towards the right path by walking the steps along. Indeed blessed are the people who have had at least one good teacher in their lives.

I have had the good fortune of having some good teachers in my life. Be it a couple from my school or the ones I learnt music from. My music teachers, from whom I learnt the Carnatic and Hindustani forms of music were always a source of inspiration to me. The class sessions were interspersed with good advice, light jokes, some inspiring stories of theirs and other great people, and some cookery recipes shared even. They gladly took me under their wings and motivated me to stretch myself to my best limits. To them, I shall always remain indebted.

I always wonder if I've fulfilled my duty as a student towards my gurus. This…