The Pick-up #Fiction #shortstory

The air was thick with sweet and pungent odour. Glasses clinked and clouds of heady concoction were blown recklessly causing the entire place to resemble a smoke factory. Bodies mixed with sweat and perfume moved to some titillating music in the background. Tanu sipped on the Mexican Mojito observing the naked display of emotions and raw lust that was left loose on its hunt.

She looked stunning in her short black dress that accentuated the right anatomies of her perfect figure. The neckline plunged low, just enough to show off the cleavage, but in not a vulgar way.  She sat with her head tilted to a side, crossing her long shapely legs under the high bar stool.

Tanu had got introduced to this life recently and the dangerous edge only gave her an additional high. She tapped her fingers impatiently on the table. What was taking him so long? She wondered. Just as she signaled to the bartender to refill her glass, she saw him enter from across the room.

He wore a sophisticated look. Sinewy arms bulged out of the white short-sleeved tee, a black suede jacket thrown carelessly over a shoulder. He chewed on a cigarette, his narrow sharp eyes fleeting flirtatiously before resting on her.

Lust played on his mind as he sized her up quickly. He had found his catch of the day.

“Ahem..” he cleared his throat “I suppose you were waiting for me, Sweety” his husky voice shattering Tanu’s resolve.

Tanu looked up, raising one brow ever so lightly, a teasing smile breaking at the corner of her lips, as she countered “Do you really think so?” 
Her kohl-rimmed eyes did not mask their appreciative glance of his well-chiseled features.  

“Maybe we could debate the issue in private?” he leaned and whispered.

“Umm..I’m not so sure..You know..” Tanu let her voice drop. Then she asked impulsively, “do you have it? I cannot do without that”

The guy looked confused, a little unsure. Then he understood. He let out a nervous laugh and said simply, “Of course! It’s in the car.…” he lingered. “Come along.”

Tanu was about to step down when her hand brushed against the glass on the table and the remaining drink spilled, staining her dress.

“Shit..”Tanu cursed under her breath. “I’ll be back in a jiffy” she assured him sheepishly and turned towards the washroom.

True to her word, Tanu emerged in exactly five minutes. She had touched up her make-up, her pout glistening brighter with the red shade, he noticed with a smile.

He led her to the car and slid into the driver’s seat. He was about to put the vehicle in gear when Tanu tapped him lightly on his shoulder. “I hope you haven’t forgotten….the stuff?” she sounded desperate.

“Ah..yes..I have it right here.”

He opened the glove compartment of the car, which had another compartment cleverly hidden within it. Tanu’s eyes grew wide in wonder and surprise at the amount of cocaine the tiny niche held.

He quickly closed the compartment after taking out the amount specified by Tanu. Normally he wouldn’t be so blasé about his dealings that too without having received the payment. But she was different and she would pay him in kind later, he decided.

He filled the stuff into an empty cigarette for Tanu to take a drag, feel free and shed her inhibitions. As he held out the cigarette to Tanu, he heard a rap on the window. Panicked, he gestured Tanu to put away the cigarette while he wiped away all the traces and rolled down the black shield.  An inspector pointed a revolver to his head and ordered him to step out. The guy stepped out and quickly noted that he was surrounded by a crew and there was no way he could escape.

“She’s just a friend..We..We were about to leave.” caught unawares, he flustered and mumbled turning to Tanu and expecting her to support him in his excuses.

Tanu stepped out coolly, smiled at the guy and led inspector Kamath towards the hidden booty.

Realization dawned on the drug peddler. It was a set up.

A wannabe actress, Tanu had fallen into illegal ways of the world when inspector Kamath’s found her during one of his raids. She had promised to mend her ways if given a second chance. After a successful program at the rehabilitation centre, she kept her promise and proved to be one of his most dependable aides for such courageous operations.


  1. Nice, although I was kind of able to guess what was happening, your narrative kept me going till the very end ...

    1. Ah, yes, veterans like you are expected to see through the loopholes..but I'm glad you found the narrative to be good :-)

  2. ah...good one. Well she indeed was a successful pawn.

  3. That was quite a twist! Very nicely narrated Uma. The description of the setting was done so well, I could see the scene as I read :)
    But then there must be instances in real life where this tale would take the expected turn .. Quite a few out there who do things in the name of fun .. Sigh .. Makes me sad ..

    1. yes, things could have gone horribly wrong in the end too, as we very well know the state of affairs in our country!
      Thanks,'s heartening to know that you enjoyed the story :-)

  4. That was nicely done, both the post and the plot :)

  5. What a splendid narration, Uma. The scene played out in front of my eyes. I was not expecting it to end the way it did. Loved it :)

    1. Hey Aathira, happy to know you liked this..thanks so much :-)

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    1. Hey Jayashree, good to see you! Thanks :-)

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    1. Thanks, Namrata..sorry missed replying to your comment!


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