So, Munnar it was

Ok, now this draft has been lying incomplete for the longest period after a vacation. Even when the vacation has been fabulous. Now, that speaks a lot about my interest for this blog. Not sure why exactly, but I find my earlier passion and near obsession to update this space slowly waning. To add to it, I've been quite busy with work and guests. So, before I lose out some lovely memories of a lovely vacation to lethargy and demotivation, here is a summary of our long awaited break that resulted in a trip to Munnar. 

We had been planning on vacation since March this year but were unable to take off due to some or the other reasons. Finally, the planets aligned well for the weekend following the 1st May holiday. We were a little skeptical about the weather in Munnar in this season since we heard from some sources that with climatic changes every where, Munnar too has succumbed to it and the temperatures are not exactly what you'd expect from a hill-station. Also, since I made the bookings only 10 days in advance, we were wary of any logistical surprises thrown our way.

Aside from little irritants like the bus journey that we undertook to reach Munnar, the entire trip panned out beautifully, in fact better than we expected. The weather was perfect as it rained intermittently for all the four days that we spent there, keeping any chances of the sun piercing wrapped under the cloud cover. Since I had already been to Munnar I had a fair idea of what would be the must-see places and what could be skipped. Trip advisor helped for the parts I was unsure about and we were sorted with just a few must-view sights in our itinerary, having the rest of the time to just relax, rejuvenate and soak in the essence and feel of the place at a leisurely pace.

We took nature strolls wherever possible. This was the first time I actually got a chance to revel in the joys of spotting rare species of birds and insects when not in a specific safari; something that this trip provided in good amounts. We did take a night safari to the Chinnar wild life sanctuary but it couldn't have been sadder with absolute nil sightings, baring that of a lone deer. The safari at Sri Lanka had really spoiled me with great expectations from a safari. Although I kept reminding myself to go easy and have no expectations, I must say I was disappointed. But, the point not to be missed is that the absence of big encounters was more than made up by the sightings of some lovely birds and insects on nature treks, and an overall splendid view throughout. 

The greens taking on a bright hue due to rains

We covered the Mattupetty dam- where we did speed-boating and touristy photographing, Eravikulam national park and a trek to Top station where you can get a panoramic view from the topmost peak point. The Eravikulam park is a sanctuary that houses the endangered and endemic species of the Ibex clan-the Nilgiri Tahr. They almost look like our very own domestic goats, so it is easy to forget that they are an endangered specie and not feel the enamour that is associated with spotting with its contemporaries. A pleasant soft trek of about 2 kms in this national park lets you spot these in many numbers and as you proceed to the very top, you are rewarded with sights of birds like the red-vented Bul-Bul, Grey-breasted laughingthrush, and Nilgiri Flycatcher.

speed boating at Mattupety Dam

Trek to Top station

The peak

One of the views

Misty view from our hotel balcony

Couldn't resist adding a snap of these lip-smacking pakoras that we gobbled along with the view from our hotel balcony

The Nilgiri Tahrs

We were already taken in by the beauty all-round in the first couple of days and couldn't ask for more, but apparently there was more in store with the climax of our trip being a night and half a day's stay at a nature resort called Nature Zone. Situated in the midst of thick plantations, and having options to stay in rooms on the tree top or out in an outdoor tent, this resort is truly a nature lover's paradise. We took the option of staying in the tree house. 

Waking up to the cacophony of sound of myriad insects and birds, surrounded by lush greenery that had a perpetual mist cover even in the peak of May, felt like heaven. A stroll around the resort allows you to have close encounters with colourful crawlies (I surprised myself by venturing near these to get a good click) and smell the fresh air and leaves. We also spotted (couldn't capture, unfortunately) the malabar squirel. We soaked in the bountiful natural beauty by taking a long pleasant walk around the tea gardens and spice plantations and chilling out in the well-maintained lawn gardens. We were left yearning for a little more time in this fantastic location. Sigh! maybe next time.

At Nature Zone resort

Our room

On a nature trek again

Into the spice plantations

I wanted to add many more photos, but will have to stop here since my computer is uploading the photos at an incredibly slow pace and I'm running out of time and patience.  Maybe you could check the space here later to find more.


  1. Don't get me started on wildlife sightings ;). And you have reminded me of the beauty of Munnar, we went when D was 2, and I was wondering if we should go again as a family of 4 ;)!
    I was wondering why I saw photos on FB, and no entry here :P.. but I can totally understand how there are ups and downs.. I got some enthu thanks to the travelogue, hoping it lasts!

    1. Oh, you should go again. It is a beautiful place.
      I'm trying to keep up the enthu ;-)

  2. Wow, the clicks are awesome! I have never visited the place and reading your post has kindled a must-visit feeling in me.

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. thanks, Keirthana! you should visit sometime, its totally worth it.

  3. Ur pictures are beautiful tht a real frog in the picture;-o

    We've been planning a trip to Munnar for so long now but somehow it never happens;-/

    It's natural Uma to sort of take it easy after sometime....ask me;-D. But all the same I have admired/admire u for being consistant:-). So not to worry, these are phases...soon u'll find urself back with renewed enthusiasm:-)).

    1. hahaha..yes,a very real frog that had an unique croaking sound too (only don't ask me the name ;-))..
      I hope your plan materializes soon, Nancy and thanks for the encouraging words :-)

  4. I love Munnar and seeing the pics brought back a lot of memories:))Eravikulam National Park, Top Station, seems from a long time ago. Enjoyed reading your post, Uma.

  5. Munnnar is such a beautiful place. Your description of the weather and surroundings makes me want to go there right away once again!

    1. It is..plan your next trip there, Aarthy! :-)

  6. i love love love munnar .. and just culdnt ignore those pakodas over the wildlife blah :D the foodie in me roars :D

    1. hehehe, Swati..the pic was put up so that it is not ignored ;-)))

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  8. Thanks for sharing the lovely post :) The pictures are so wonderful.

  9. Beautiful clicks.Munnar is awesome destination.Nice Post.


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