The face #Drabbleweek #100words

Aisha was returning home alone; on the usual secluded stretch flanked by tall trees and row-houses on either side. As she approached an empty house, eerie thoughts filled her mind.

In a flash of a moment, she saw someone’s shadow on the window glass. Even as her mind ran amok with thoughts of a haunted house, the shadow moved.

 Petrified, Aisha stood rooted to the ground.

Then she began to laugh aloud. The shadow that eerily resembled a human was that of a tree; cast from outside and not within.

“I need to stop reading spooky novels” she thought amusedly.

Word count: 100

Written in response to the day 6 prompt " Suddenly, it moved" at Drabble week for marathon bloggers.


  1. Whew! So it was just a shadow! From working late nights I so know the feeling. Once you allow yourself to be scared everything looks menacing.

    1. so, true, Tulika! It's all in the mind, no?

  2. hahaha this has happened wimme sooo many times!

    1. Hai na? so, did you get spooked enough?

  3. Ha ha ha! Don't stop reading my spooky stories though ;)


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