On your birthday

Would a simple thank-you
my love and gratitude, it all

Will it seem small,
not needed even,
since our love's mutual,
a given?

But, this is not a note
to settle our score,
or to dust my hands
off a chore

I truly want to
express my delight.
You're my life; ever inspiring,
like bright day-light

Standing by me,
like a rock,
whenever life slowed
over a gridlock

You held me,
when I slipped
Nudged me ahead,
as I dithered

The sun shines brighter
gloomy days, soon wither
only because, my dear,
you're there near

No other day seemed fitter
to profess and confess
than today,
as you grow a year older

So, thank-you,
for always being there
with an ever gentle flair

May the grace of God
ever shine upon you, and
we remain blessed, thus!


  1. What a lovely post, Uma! Wishing him a very happy birthday! My favourite lines were '...this is not a note to settle a score'. Priceless.

    1. Thanks a million bunch, Shailaja!! wishes have been duly passed on :-) you take care!

  2. What a wonderful way to wish him on his birthday! Lovely!

  3. Lovely poem. Fantastic way to wish him a blessed birthday. Nice to see you back, Uma. :)

    1. I hope to be back for good..and not have these spurts of writing a lot and then going into hibernation ;-) And, thanks a lot, Vinitha! :-)

  4. Happy B'day R !! (My guess is right?) Lovely poem Uma :)

    1. Hubby's birthday, Aarthy. R's is tomorrow. Thanks a bunch :-)))

    2. Oh !! I did have my doubts since you had written about support and stuff but the 'grow a year older' confused me :(

    3. aah..but the bigger boy too grows a year older, no? haha jokes aside, I get what you mean. It's ok :-)

  5. Wow, this was great. My wishes to both the awesome guys :)


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