Different dreams

Kamala felt nauseated. She dreamed of frocks and pig-tails.

The family was jubilant and also had dreams for the future. 

“It will be a boy for sure.” 

“It better be. Else, we’ll take care of her” said a steely voice.

Kamala threw up. Not out of pregnancy nausea. 

Out of fear for her unborn daughter.


For the prompt 'dreams' for marathon bloggers. This is a week long attempt at 55-ers.

 #marathonbloggers #55wordfiction


  1. Scary, but too too common :(.. nicely written Uma!

    1. Aparna, yes, unfortunately very common :-(

  2. sigh, this always gives me shudders :(

  3. So sad! The person who forgets that without a girl child, he/she would not have been born in the first place... Even if the superstition is being passed down, the first question should have been "Then how was I born if all girl children should be killed?"


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