A different Christmas

An exposure to a festival that is alien to your native religion comes primarily either through friends or a common institution, like the school, that introduces one to all cultures alike.

However, having studied in a Hindu school, and having no Christian friends (except for one, but I only gorged on the sweets and cake her mom made), I was not exposed much to the nuances of this merry festival other than knowing the cursory general stuff. No exposure to jingles, carols or the significance behind the Christmas tree or even the secret Santa. The concept of the secret Santa was something I got to know much much later when I was studying German. In short, Christmas has always been some one else's festival of joy that made no difference to me other than the holidays I enjoyed.

This year, however, has been a little different. The excitement of the marathon bloggers celebrating this festival has been infectious and the better part being, of course, the secret Santa. I loved being the Santee and the Santa. The little play about guessing your Santa was so much fun. It was awe inspiring to see so many of you go out of the way to make your Santee's wish come true. Reaching to someone totally unknown to bring a smile on his/her face is essentially the essence of any festival and I am happy to have been a part of this lovely custom.

Merry Christmas to every one. May the new year bring a lot of happiness and peace to all of us. Let's also pray for a more peaceful and happy co-existence all round the world.



  1. i have not received my gift yet, neither do i know my santa.. but it was all so much fun...

    1. oh, I hope you've received it by now ;-)
      the marathon almost killed me ;-) just waking up to the blog once again..sorry for the late reply! :-))))

  2. Oh yes I had experienced this in one of my old offices where we all were supposed to be the secret santa for someone in the office. Oh it was so much fun :D


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