A day of remembrance

Dear Friends, fellow bloggers
I am one of the blogger who is taking part in observing silence for the innocent victims who lost their lives on Friday’s shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary school, Connecticut.  

When I heard the news, I was shocked beyond words. The mind is filled with questions that probably no one has an answer to: What made the teenager commit such a gory crime? Why did these children have to bear the brunt of whatever went wrong in Adam Lanza's life? Why did innocent little ones who were still living their blissful and worry-free lives have to meet such an horrific end? Above all, what was HE doing?

As a parent, I shudder to even imagine the calamity that has befallen the parents of these children. My heart and soul goes out to them. Also to those moms, wife, grandmas, friends who lost their lives doing their duties as teachers and staff of the school.
We, as bloggers, choose to observe a day of silence, to mourn the lives that were brutally cut short and to offer our collective support and wishes to the parents and families. You are in our prayers.


  1. Sharing your moment of silence. And counting myself lucky that I still have my laughing children - but feeling so selfish for even having that thought.

    1. That selfish thought is important for our sanity Jandy :) Let all of us have that thought.

  2. Praying for them..May God give the parents the strength to go through this!



  3. my prayers for all, dont know why this had to happen .. so sad ..


  4. Not something that any of us are going to forget in a hurry, hope the lawmakers memories are as long too.

  5. Prayers for them... The mother is dead because he shoot her too before heading to school.. I hope the father finds some peace.


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