Precious moments

I am trying to teach R to sing:

Me: Sa Ri Ga Ma
R: Sa Ri Ga Umaaa Umaaaa!!! (who cares if it was out of tune)


R gets hurt during one of his antics (nothing unusual)
R comes to me, "anga pattudtu..." (I got hurt )
I am busy in the kitchen and say " vendaam kanna..siriya peidum" (It's Ok baby, you'll be fine)
R: kisshi kudkaname ( you need to kiss) (reminding me what will actually do the trick)
I comply, very readily
R (immediately) "Cheiyya peidtu" ( All's fine)


And this is called boomerang

I am calling out to R to do something
R says maatain (No) in his usual fashion
I hold on and do not say a word
R continues nonchalantly: "seri... po....enno pannu" (ok, what you like!)
I am stumped for words


  1. hahahaha! this guy is a sweetheart eh..kissie and all that...awwww! how cute :)

  2. Replies
    1. yes Chintan..:-) thanks a lot..*R kisses back*..:-D

  3. Ha ha ha cute. Give him my hugs ok

    1. Hey Tharani, welcome here and thanks!! :-D
      *R hugs back*

  4. Awww...R is soooooper cute :)
    Love to the little naughty baby

  5. "Sa Ri Ga Umaaa Umaaaa" :D what a lol moment!! very cute.. :)

  6. lol!Sa Ri Ga ma uma ??!! haa haa! R's mazhalai is Super cute..

  7. Awwwwww.. and some more Awwwww !!! Soo cute, and once again I love how you capture these precious moments :)

    1. hey Aparna, thanks so much..:-) Kids grow up so fast and outgrow their catch phrases every just trying to put down whatever I end up remembering..:-)

  8. lol! seri po, enno pannu!!! kids!! sweet mazhalai!


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