The dirty picture

Haha, caught you! If you came here looking for the review of the movie or some equally masala-stuff. This is just about a mundane ritual that hits you like a virus and doesn't leave you until it runs it's course. Ok, don't rack your brains too much. I am talking about spring cleaning here. I am on the spring cleaning mode- ever since I came back from B'bay. Re-arranged the clothes cupboard, cleaned the kitchen cabinets, the fridge, cleared out the clutter; never felt so accomplished.
And, who says spring cleaning is done in spring? It comes in cycles all year through! Bah!!

It is amazing that the clothes cupboards get messy so much faster than you'd like them to. And that too when you're not re-filling them as frequently as you'd like to!!!. Also, it is interesting to note, how you find so much clutter each time you re-organize a closet even when you pride yourself on being the "non-hoarding" kinds. If not entirely unwanted, then there are lots of unused stuff at least. Of which, you are not ready to let go off, yet.  I am generally ruthless when it comes to cutting extra flab. But sometimes, there are things I cannot let go off too. Again, only till the next time, I get mad at myself for having to dig through piles of stuff to get what I am looking for. Then, there is no mercy shown. My maid is the most pleased person at the end of such sessions. She gets to keep the excess and am glad that someone gets to use the weeded-out stuff.

I just hate it when unkempt corners in the house surface one after the other with the sole intention of keeping you occupied somehow. Just as you'd like to sit back with a piping hot tea and book in hand, applauding yourself for the day's neat work, the layer of dust on the T.V stand catches your eye. You realize (not with any pleasure) that there are so many facets to a house, especially when you bring it upon yourself (and upon the unsuspecting maid too, of course) to get every part shining and bright. If the cob-webs are cleared, there are the windows and doors to be cleaned. Door-mats, bedspreads, curtains have an annoying way of gathering dust and filth in record time. Of course, hubby feels I am out of my thinking capacity when I announce that the dust-bins have gathered dirt and they are the next-in-line for the make-over. My friend's hubby once remarked that dust-bins are meant to get dirty, so what's the big deal about cleaning them???!!! Husbands all over think alike, I guess.

And of course, a house with kid(s) is best described below:


Hope you guys had a great weekend! 


  1. hahahaha! I can so so relate to that...I wish I could spring clean..though I must admit proudly I did spring clean my cupboard this weekend :) loved that cartoon at the end :)

  2. Haha!! You sound like a cleanliness freak!! :D :D
    And excellent ending... House with kids.. lol.. :D :D

  3. So true, uma , i hate clutter as well. but i married into a family where collecting stuff is an art form, nothing is thrown away (ever!) and tidiness is not a big virtue :) in many ways, that has helped me to be more relaxed abt tidiness/clutter.
    Ha ha, even i thought u were posting a movie review :)

  4. @R's Mom
    yes, any kind of spring cleaning is a proud moment..:-)

  5. @Radhika Gupta a way, I am..
    trust me that cartoon is very true..;-) :)

  6. @Aparna

    oh, even am married into one such family :-) however am not able to relax much, much to hubby's chagrin. He cannot understand what the fuss is all about..:-)

  7. Clutter doesnt quite bother me like how it used to;-D

    Most of the time I clean cuboards by default; mislay something and so decide to clean out the cuboard and voila find 3 things;-D

  8. In my home too spring cleaning has NO definite season and happens many times a year.
    I am gradually moving towards the stage shown in the cartoon ;)

  9. @ Reflections

    oh yes! most of my cupboard cleaning, esp that which involves documents, happen that way!

  10. @My era

    haha..I know, with kids, you can only clean up so much!

  11. hahaha Uma.. I need to borrow those pictures you've found... so so apt for my house on most days !!! This is one area where we are very different in our personalities(as well as those of hubbies) I think - I hate to clean and would love a lived-in look ;), but hubby is one of those cleanliness freaks and he himself is hardly at home so I have to run around feverishly every evening before he's back hoping that things have been atleast "somewhat" cleaned up in time :D.

    Cupboards - exactly the same thoughts.. even where my maid is concerned. Last year I gave away 3-4 sets of clothes 3-4 times over the year, and yet my cupboard still looks the same !!

  12. lol! messy clothes and cupboards, books, papers and random stationery everywhere, the perennial shortage of dabbas and storage, the akshaya-patram-ness to the spring cleaning..sigh! I've learnt to live with them:) good post:-)

  13. @Aparna

    pictures are courtesy google. Feel free to borrow..:-) They are so apt, na!
    lol @ "somewhat cleaned up"

  14. @ Vidya

    I know, the proportion of stock to storage is always though there wasn't enough reason for the mess!
    Thanks :-)

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