A short update

It's been more than week here now and things are far better, actually good when compared to the last time I was here. R had no adjustment problems this time and I am far more relaxed and enjoying my stay. The niece and R get along like a house on fire- always upto some mischief and conspiring against the other folks at home. While it is fun to watch them and also a relief to see the two kids playing more and squabbling less, it also means that the mayhem and chaos is twice as much as it would have been with a single toddler. At times, the situation gets quite out of control leaving each of us (older folks) silently thanking the "temporary" set-up.

It has been a more fruitful time for me in a way that I got some "me" time in which I accomplished some soul-satisfying knick-knack shopping, ate yummilicious chaat and caught up with some old friends over phone. Oh boy! don't these give you a high each time?

We are now getting ready to pack our bags and head to Bhubaneshwar this weekend to attend the cousin(A)'s wedding. A new city to be explored, some fun-times with cousin A after almost 2 years and of course the actual wedding. Finally, I am looking forward to this trip :-) So,guys, see you on the other side of the break.


  1. Enjoy the wedding! and do come back real soon with the trip updates!

  2. Have fun babes :) and come back with beautiful pictures

  3. Great to hear that R settled down easily this time! I remember you mentioning the wedding - have a great time :) !

  4. Cousin A cant wait to spend some time with you guys now :D

    Cousin A

  5. R is warming up for the social gathering too :) Have fun!

  6. @ALL Hey all, thank you so much for the wishes...:-)


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