Blogging and its effects on me

I had always been fascinated with the idea of writing. No, not from school times or even college. At that time, I simply detested the manner in which we had to fill some pages with content that was cramped forcefully into the heads a few evenings before and had to be spilled before the content itself got lost. Even essays never gave me the thrill of writing. My imagination always betrayed me when presented with a theme and time constraint. So, when exactly did I develop a fascination? I cannot say. When I was in college, my friend, who was studying astrology and palmistry then, told me that I may possess some flair for writing as my hand showed artistic nature, I had, at that time, laughed dismissively at the prospect. I told her, maybe the talent is elsewhere. Artistic could mean a lot of things. Although I found the idea, at least then, quite absurd, it somehow remained in my mind. I began to have notions of discovering a latent author in me. I did nothing about it, though. Not even a diary. The idea and notions got buried in the other mundane rituals of life.

A couple of years ago, I discovered the full use of the magical world of the internet. The world of blogging and its innumerable possibilities came by as a chance discovery and I thought, why not use this as a medium to experiment with my notions? To be honest, when I began this blog, I had no idea of what I was going to be writing or blogging about. I was almost about to chicken out before deciding to give myself a chance and then decided to just pen down my thoughts in a coherent manner. I was glad to discover that this blog  gave me the perfect platform to unleash my thoughts on any issue close to my heart and also serve as a journal to record the antics and milestones of my toddler.

I began to enjoy the comments on my posts that began to trickle in slowly. The number of followers gave me a high. I took the compliments of my readers seriously and began to write more. Every time a thought cropped up in my mind, I would start thinking it could be a material for a post. My experiments grew ambitious and I dabbled with some poetry too. Of course, as they say, the crow's cawing is music to its ears. But the encouragement from my readers and the few who care to leave a comment does pep me up to dish out more and better. Sometimes, the anticipation of comments and praise overpowers my brains, much like that of a alcoholic thirsting for alcohol. I furiously open my mail the few hours after I hit the "publish" button. A rush of disappointment engulfs me if I find none. At least I expect my regular readers to comment. The stats on the blog is something to cheer but the comments are definitely the high point.

Blogging can be a lonely experience if not for the interaction that happens through comments. Blogging and commenting are like fish and water. What is a blog without its readers and comments? It is all OK to say that writing is a creative hobby and the satisfaction comes with just writing stuff, yet it does not hold true for blogging for else we all could have written a diary instead. Bloggers (at least I can speak for myself) thrive on the encouraging words of people who read them. Hence I cherish every comment I receive. I am glad to have discovered some very interesting writers and like-minded people here who motivate me with their writings and their comments on my posts. Thank you all! Please do keep commenting, suggesting and criticizing whenever and wherever applicable.
A word to people who have added me to their reading list anonymously: I am equally honoured although if you could care to de-lurk once a while or follow this blog publicly, it would do wonders for my self-esteem and encourage me to write more and better.

So, guys why do you blog? what do you think are the high points and low points of blogging? Do take it up as a tag if you wish and leave me a comment. Non-bloggers, lurkers, you are most welcome to participate. Tell us why you read blogs. What makes (or does not) you re-visit a blog after the first read?


  1. I could totally relate to every word you said.

    Had it not been for the interactive component that differs a blog from a diary,blogging wouldn't have kept me going till now :)

  2. Uma, good post and I was surprised to find that ur blogging journey has been a lot like mine! You do have a way with words (your friend was right!) so keep writing in whatever form possible. And I hardly ever comment on your poetry but just wanted to say that I enjoy reading them and have re-read a few several times (to let it soak in, you see :))

  3. Hi uma,
    even i relate to this post!! i never thought of writing about why and how i started blogging... will do that soon... :) n according me, the best thing about blogging is that people who read/follow your blog do it out of their own will... nothing is forced...

  4. CB: Thanks :-) It is like a community here, just that we take time to meet and mingle with the rest of the community, right?
    Yes, else it would take a lot of self-motivation to go on without an audience.

    Aparna: really? you have had a similar journey?..surely then we have more than the zodiac sign in common..:-)maybe a post on it sometime?; will love to read your story.
    And " to let it soak in"!!! elated!!..*truly beaming* Thank you sooo much Aparna..

    Radhika: Please do write a post..would like to know your story..and do leave me a link once you are done..
    very true..
    p.s.: psst..a secret, I really wish there was a way I could force people to follow my blog, *evil smile* lol!

  5. Here it is!!

  6. hello there Uma... hopped in from Nancy's blog... :)

    well, i dont think my story is any different... i cant believe how i started writing, cos i never fancied it soo much, but i guess once u start blogging, i think the art of writing overpowers you... its a hard to break habit... n also the happy thought of being in touch with blog buddies makes me stay i guess :) ;)

  7. Radhika: have commented on your post.

    Sulo: hey Sulo, of course I know you from Nancy's blog...welcome here! :-)
    yes blogging can be quite close to becoming an addict myself..:-0

  8. Hi Uma.. A very valid post, indeed. If not for the stats and the comments, blogging could not go beyond a point.

    Have been following you for some time now. Delurking here for the first time.

  9. Nicely captured Uma :) And so so so true what you have said about comments and connecting with others who read and blog! It has become one of the nicest parts of blogging for me too to know of others who would definitely read every post and mostly also leave a line of encouragement :).

  10. I'm going to take it as a tag and going to write my story. It's a good idea. You've nicely presented this story. :-)

  11. Sugar&Spice: Thanks for de-lurking..hope to see you often..:-)

    Aparna: Thanks Aparna!

    Sneha: Thanks and welcome here Sneha and thanks a lot taking up the tag! Hope to see you around..

  12. You have worded the thoughts of a blogger Uma.
    And to add more, when people recognize you in person and talk about your blog, it is even more pleasing. Believe me. I have experienced.
    It also makes us feel good about ourselves. :)

  13. My story is no different from urs:-).
    And yeah the comments are a HUGE plus;-D.

    Keep blogging Uma!!!!!

  14. Sahana: not that famous..haven't really met anyone from the blogging world..
    am sure it must be a gr8 feeling to be recognized..

    Nancy: Thanks for the encouragement Nancy..:-D
    Even I hope to continue blogging..


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