Shake off the hangover

The world cup frenzy continues unabated four days after the historic day. Cricket, yet again, has succeeded in igniting the patriotic flame. I cannot deny the pride and happiness that is associated with the victory. It is a matter of great pride and the Indian cricket team must be lauded for its effort and performance. Yet, we, in our obsession for the game, cannot overlook the larger picture. The in-the-face scams and scandals that are making a mockery of democracy and governance cannot be wished away or brushed under the carpet of a world-cup victory.

Time and again cricket matches have been used as crutches to create an “all izz well” atmosphere. During the pre-finals, corrupt leaders, yet again, made cricket a platform for initiating a mock peace campaign between two-warring nations. After being the initiator of series of such campaigns and then being victimized by terror attacks that were executed with even greater vengeance post such peace-making, even a child will catch the joke here. No, we do not want to forget 26/11 ever.

The corrupt government has so much money to bestow on select individuals but none (rather no inclination) for the mass majority of the population. A family affected by a tragedy triggered either by nature or terror gets a compensation that is akin to mercy we show the beggars on the street. Even our war soldiers do not get the god-like status that our cricketers--mind you only cricketers no other sportsman is worthy of such honour--enjoy. Doesn’t it strike any one in the right frame of mind to question such brazen disparity?

A second-highest populated nation is sadly bereft of any hero-like figure that can be idolized. No wonder people take to movies and sports (read cricket) to find their idol. Gifts showered on their heroes are being lauded and lapped up as though it translates into their personal upliftment. A cricket-frenzy and hero-deprived nation is tipsy with celebrations. It is time to wake up and shake off the hangover.

The anti-corruption campaign started by Anna Hazare is a cue that we need to take. It is time we took to streets, just like the Tunisians and Egyptians did to fight against the tyrannical rule. Inspired by Namratha Prabhu’s piece, I am doing my bit by spreading the word. The following lines are verbatim from her article:

The DM2 is a built up towards Anna Hazare’s ‘Fast unto Death’ that is going to commence from April 5th to April 10th, at the Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. A large number of volunteers have signed up for the fast. What you can do –

• Be it 1 day, 2 days or 5 days, you can fast with Hazare to show your support for the anti-corruption movement.
• If you cannot fast, show your support by being there at the Jantar Mantar.
• If you are not able to go to New Delhi, join the fast at your respective cities
• You can fast at your workplace
• And if none of that is possible, the one thing you can always do is spread the awareness around.

Pass the message on to your friends, relatives and colleagues.

Do your bit for a better country. Together we can make a difference.


  1. Thanks so much Uma, for spreading the news. We need more people to read about it and participate. In Bangalore it is happening in Freedom Park, opp. Maharani College (other venues can be seen here - Do drop in at FP for sometime if and when you can. I had been there yest and will be posing a follow up post on it.

    And the points that you have mentioned abt cricketers and the fate of our soldiers, I agree with them. The politicians would rather make the rich richer and poor poorer than do something for the country and its citizens. And the ones who are genuinely workin for a better country are discouraged and punished. I do want to see all that changed for the better. Once again, thanks so much :)

  2. Namratha: you are welcome! We all want a better and changed India and should do our bit to see it through.

  3. Nice one Uma, I too wished some of the cricket frenzy could have been translated to the Anna Hazare movement ! There was a lot of online participitation, but not many people managed to make it physically to the events (me among the many who found excuses :( ).

  4. @Aparna: Thank you! Yeah..I am also among the ones with plenty excuses..:-( But a careful observation of the people surrounding this movement has raised serious doubts about the nature and end result of this movement. A similar movement by Baba Ramdev was completely blacked out by the media. Why??!!..
    I only hope, the people of India are not made out to be "bakras" like many other times in the past.

  5. came from PS blog. like your writing. steady and good command of english!

  6. Vaidegi: thank you so much!!!

  7. Uma..That was really good.....I support it fully. I really hope this crusade brings about a positive change.

  8. Chitra: thank you!!! I hope for the same!


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