How does one say it? The heart is squeezed, voice is choked and eyes are misty. It is perhaps the last time of shared space. Suddenly there seems so much to talk about. So much to share; so much to laugh. You wish for one more year, one more month, one more day, one more moment of togetherness. You look back at the time that has whizzed past, caressing memories fondly, cherishing each laugh, each tear, the despair, the cheer, the harmless digs at one another, the said and the unsaid.

Promises to keep in touch are made. Hugs and best wishes exchanged. Bridges are crossed. Amends are made; forgiveness asked and given. Final moments are dragged on, almost as if waiting for the heavens to reverse it. Familiar hang-outs are revisited and the endless tales recaptured and bound in memory.

There is never an easy way to say goodbye. It is never easy to let go. Yet we say it. Life is about moving on and not stopping still. We are allowed to carry our baggage with us yet it is wise to de-clutter once in a while to take only the fragrance to enrich newer experiences.


  1. hey.. hi uma.. landed here through blogadda.. i really love ur style of writing... awesome blog!!

  2. Radhika: Welcome here and many thanks for the lovely compliment!

  3. :( tell me about it Uma! A very nice friend of mine is leaving... it was a new friendship :( i just didn't want to help her pack!

  4. Purnima: :-( about your friend left too..wasn't really a close friend but somewhere it left me sad...

  5. bidding adieu is always the hardest...

    great job :)

    --- aneek (

  6. Aneek: yes, true! Thanks for reading!


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