My first blog

I had always been fascinated with the idea of writing. Since nowadays writing on a blog has become second in nature to almost every net savvy person, I decided to jump into the bandwagon and try my hand at it.

Someone had told me some years ago that I may possess some flair for writing as my hand showed artistic nature. Although I had, at that time, laughed dismissively at the prospect, the idea had somehow remained in my mind. I began to have notions of discovering a latent author in me. Having said this, I have no clue what I am going to be blogging or writing about. My notions are also crumbling down in face of Reality. Before I altogether rubbish this whole idea and settle down humbly into my modest routine, I decided to limit this to just penning my thoughts on this page whenever time permits.

I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mother for the uninitiated). Wow, what words people coin these days. Sounds so glamorous. Quite the contrary when the list of endless tasks is laid out. I am not exactly complaining but when you are a 24/7 mother to a toddler who is a big bundle of undying energy it’s only natural to feel worn down, and even frustrated at some points of time. Even as I write this, pangs of guilt build up within me because for a major part I truly enjoy my son’s company. It is a pleasure to be with him and see him grow. I had always wanted to care for my child personally and not leave him or her in a day-care or with a nanny. What is the point in bearing a child with so much trouble and not reap the fruits of seeing the child grow-up! Of course these are my thoughts and a whole lot of working mothers may resent me for saying this. I don’t blame them and do not consider them any less as mothers. It’s just that I have been fortunate to be able to carry out my belief in reality. It has not been without some compromises and sacrifices. But as they say, no pain no gain…


  1. Uma,
    I must say that you are a very fine writer.I have finished reading your entire blog in one go. It was a very interesting reading.Please keep writing.May be colllection of short stories not a bad idea.You have a flair for writing.

    Bhim Raju

  2. thank you Bhim. I am glad you liked it.

  3. Just curious to see how my fav. bloggers started out!! Nice beginning and really love the way you write.

    1. aww..Vibha..that's so sweet of you to read my older posts..and many thanks for the lovely comment! :-)

  4. Really appreciate your decision to stay at home to personally care for your child .. What else is life for if you cannot shower your love and care on your child when it is needed most ..
    Too many women these days are so confused .. At a training program I recently attended, the trainer asked what each one's most heart felt desire .. Two women said they wanted to spend time with their child (Their children were toddlers around 6 months old)
    When the trainer asked why they were coming to work then, they did not have an answer!!
    They were simply coming to work .. No financial trouble even .. But maybe they had other reasons that they did not want to disclose .. But they were so unhappy with the decision .. Unfortunate that there is something that forces them to leave their little ones at home and pine for them all the while .. But I think its just a firm decision that one makes .. As you rightly put it .. 'No Pain ,No Gain' ..

    1. Yeah, probably the women you mentioned had other reasons that they did not wish to share on a public forum. Not every body is fortunate to follow his/her wish.
      I have been lucky to be able to be at home. But, caring for a child 24*7 is no mean task, either.
      And, the guilt is present on either sides. Being a mother is tough! :-)

      Thanks, Arathy for reading my older posts and thanks for the lovely comment too :-)


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