The wedding

Holding hands under the inky blue bejeweled canopy, they swore allegiance to each other. Bedecked in a brown shimmery, the translucent veil flowing away from her coy face, she looked up nervously at him. He replied with an imperceptible nod that spoke volumes of quiet reassurance.

Family and friends had gathered for the ceremony that would bind the two lovers for life. The atmosphere was electrifying and the air abuzz with each of them signaling to the other in a frenzy of activity. A huddle in here, a huddle there, some grouping for a light tete-a-tete, some to discuss an important ritual.

The younger lot broke away from the crowd, not entirely connecting with the significance of the gathering, their individual frames dotting the arena like lost stars.

At the precise moment that would signify the sacred union, the chief called for everyone's unwavering attention. The scattered swarm, even the ones that had strayed, converged obediently towards the altar. Each member of the audience held hands together, sending collective prayer heavenwards to bless the couple wedded into matrimony.

It was pure magic as the fireflies lit up, glowing like a hundred glorious suns, showering their wishes of hope and faith.

Tried to portray a wedding scene in the life of fireflies, who are known to synchronize their signals.

A 200-word fiction written for the prompt "Suns and Lovers" at the BarAThon.


  1. This reminded me of a scene from Avatar - the power of collective prayer is amazing. The ceremony, the night, the fireflies - together they conjured up a beautiful image.

  2. That was a great take on the prompt enjoyed it

  3. I loved the picturesque feel of your post, Uma! Initially, I felt it was a celestial wedding happening...but, fireflies? Awww...that's something sweet! How I would love to witness this magical alliance, myself!

  4. Oh, I can see it, pure magic when all those fireflies lit up together. What a spectacular tale this is, Uma. I loved the tale. 😀


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