Contemplating a move to Wordpress

Blogger is being difficult these days. Each day at least one of the widgets does not function well. The post updates of my favourite bloggers come many hours later than the update. Probably, it is the same in case of my updates. Some people complain of being unable to comment on my posts. Since, for me, my blog is a way of communicating and interacting with others (apart from giving me the perfect platform to air my views and express myself)reading and commenting forms a critical aspect- one I do not wish to compromise upon. From what I read over the blogosphere I understand that I am not the only one facing troubles with Blogger. So, I felt maybe it's time that I too made that shift to Wordpress.

But, as I began to set up my blog on Wordpress, I found that Blogger is actually more user friendly. The themes are very flexible unlike Wordpress where there the themes are quite rigid vis-a-vis widgets and menus. The features in Wordpress are confusing and the design and settings can be quite overwhelming without the instant-preview option. Funnily enough, the moving of posts from Blogger to Wordpress is the easiest. Last but not the least, Wordpress doesn't support the vanity-fueling "Followers" widget.:-)

After some labour, I did manage to set up the basic stuff however the site is still private and I am yet to make the official move. A weird feeling of leaving familiar grounds to set foot in a foreign land has engulfed me and I am having second thoughts on moving. It feels as though I would be cutting ties with old friends. Funny, I know. But it will help me decide if you guys give me your opinion and suggestions.


  1. I agree about the new posts update not coming in regularly! There seems to be a time delay and some posts show up earlier than others etcetera. Commenting has been ok for me so far but I have heard complaints from other ppl, abt not being able to comment on my blogger posts.
    Wordpress definitely lacks the frills of blogger. Blogger is user friendly but wordpress offers you more advanced options and gives an opportunity to amateurs and techies alike!
    I miss the "Follower" option at times but then subscriptions are cool too. It serves the purpose of telling you who is following :)
    The following shall come slow and steady, worry not!
    I wanted both worlds so I chose one blog in blogger and one in wordpress.
    And FYI - Wordpress doesn't allow the link within plugin also unless its a site :( I checked.

  2. Been there, done that! And I am still sticking to blogger! :D I chickened out too after initial chaan-been of Wordpress. :)

  3. Haven't really explored it except for reading Simran's blog over there and a couple of others. The main pain factor for me is the subscription, and then confirming the subscription, instead of the follow button. But once it's done, no issues.

  4. Simran: The layout is so rigid in Wordpress. Somehow, choosing the apt layout was the biggest headache for me :-(
    So, you enjoying the best of both worlds..but which one do you prefer?

    Purnima: so you suggesting not to go ahead with Wordpress.
    SO that's 1-0 in favour of Blogger.

    Aparna: That subscription thingie is for people who comment. Try creating a blog, its far more restricting (at least I felt so.)

  5. Yes the layout is rigid and even though wordpress offers a lot of different layouts they cannot be tampered with too much, options are limited. So if u get the layout that works for you you are lucky otherwise it cud be tough. I wud prefer to stay with blogger after being on both sides. Blogger has a lot more easy to use plug ins and features.

  6. i have no clue about wordpress... so i think you should decide according to your convenience!!

  7. Hi Uma, U r a fab writer dear..i have read almost all your blogs now.I can feel myself connected to you as I am mommy to a 9 months princess..but not lucky enough to spend time with her as I am working (by choice)..its hard to say if I am being selfish doing that..
    Keep blogging..please update if you move to wordpress so i don't miss your blogs :)


  8. I am also confused regarding the same :(

  9. Simran: so, that's 2-0 in favour of Blogger.

    Radhika: :-) okie!

    Anna: Thank you for delurking and welcome here! thanks for the wonderful words.
    Of course you're not selfish for working..a happy mother= a happy child is what I firmly believe in.
    I'll definitely inform if am moving. Even I do not want to lose my readers..:-)
    keep reading and delurking..:-)

    Tan: :-( hmm..maybe I'll stick around for some more time to see if Blogger behaves well..:-)

  10. Hello Uma. I have recently moved to wordpress from blogger. Though I have got my domain registered setup is a little different for me. For me Wordpress offers much better functionally in terms of menu and all. In blogger I had to do those stuff through code copied from tutorials :-) Wordpress does overwhelm in terms of user friendliness during the initial stages. I guess I am getting used to it now. Regarding "Follower" widget its nothing but a plugin called "Google Friend Connect" which you get for wordpress as well. I guess ur followers should move to the wordpress site as well if you are registering with the same google ID. But I will get back to you on this.

  11. Sharada: Hey thanks for the useful info. Yeah the catch in wordpress is to find a template that suits your needs as you cannot really customize the layout or add too many widgets of your own. Do let me know of the google thing..


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