Valentine or not?

Another Valentine’s Day went by. So, what has it done to you? Are you sad, angry, depressed, happy, over the moon, smitten with love?

This day has, over the years, gathered so much importance that if you do not “celebrate” it, you can almost land yourself in depression. So much of propaganda and public confessions of love everywhere! This is also the most controversial and debatable concept in recent times. For every person that questions and exasperates over the hype surrounding such a frivolous concept that is both foreign and also causes wasteful outflow of money, you can almost find another or two waiting to showcase their love on this day. We are a hopeful and romantic lot, aren’t we? Whether you belong to the group that endorses such celebration or not, one cannot escape it, especially after the internet has given us the gifts of Twitter and Facebook. Can anyone in this world dare go unnoticed?

This important day has its own benefits and pitfalls. For the men folk who are by nature romantic, there is no better day than this to earn themselves brownie points from their sweet(er) halves. As for women folk (who I think are the eternal romantics and believers in the happily-ever-after stories), it is a day to get pampered and lap up all the gifts being showered on them. So far so good; life is easier for people who can classify themselves clearly into either of the two groups. It is only when the classification edges on the blur that possible irritants crop up distressing men and women alike.

Many men lack the skills to think of anything out of the mundane. Subtle and not-so subtle hints being dropped by the better (bitter?) half go either unnoticed or worse ignored. Many (again its’ mostly the male species) take refuge in snubbing and rubbishing this whole idea as western and condemn the hoopla around such an event that is being shoved down the throats of unsuspecting souls like them.

Men, who belong to the above category, get nagged by their wives for being so and the women (who happen to be the wives of these variety) sulk, nag and even wish for a different husband around this time of the year. Even children are not spared the frenzy what with 10 and 12 year olds having a “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” these days! Not to mention the singletons-in-the-hunt for whom the urge or compulsion to get hitched gets particularly stronger during this period.

I am not from the group that bashes the celebrating one. In fact I do not mind such “days” even if it seems childish to profess love and exchange gifts on just some particular day So, my take on this: We live in a fast-paced world where many don’t really get a chance to spend some quality time with their loved ones. So, it is, in a way an excuse and opportunity to make your loved one feel special. There is no harm in this, is there?


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